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Forthcoming Exhibition

An Exhibition of 18th - 21st Century Irish Paintings & Sculpture

7th - 23rd June 2018

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Included will be fine examples of work by artists such as William Ashford (c.1746-1824), George Barret (1728 or 1732-1784), James Francis Danby (1816-1875), Hugh Douglas Hamilton (1740-1808), Samuel Lover (1797-1868), James Arthur O'Connor (1792-1841) and Thomas Sautelle Roberts (1760-1826). Also represented will be the prestigious contemporary artist Philip Flanagan (b.1960), alongside paintings by his father, T.P. Flanagan (1929-2011). Philip will be exhibiting both paintings and sculpture, including a bronze bust of the Irish poet Seamus Heaney (1939-2013) which was sculpted from life in 1990.

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